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DotPurple v1.6 - Template NuGet searching and some cleanup!

Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 03:05 PM

In DotPurple v1.6, we have a fairly small update for you all that focuses on template packs!

Template Searching on NuGet

Ever want to just search on NuGet for a template so you can install one without knowing the exact name and without going to Now you can! Search by name, optionally load pre-release versions, choose a version you want to install, and click 'Install Template'! This is much easier than having to find that information online for yourself

This feature is available for paid DotPurple Pro users. Please consider supporting our software -- you'll get more features such as the ability to import/export your profiles, more tabs, and more!

And yes, these templates DO show up on your New Project page!


Cleanup of Template Interface

The add template pack interface has been moved into a dialog rather than way-too-many controls at the top of the template pack page. Now the screen is much less cluttered. 🎉

Here's a look at our cleaner template packs page in macOS Light Mode:

Other Changes