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Before purchasing a license, please make sure that the software installs and runs on your system!

Our store is closed for license purchases from Friday sundown through Saturday sundown Eastern Time (USA).

Our store purchasing system is down right now. Until it's back up, we are offering free, temporary (4-week) licenses in the software, effectively making the software free until things are back up and operational. Once the store is back up, we will restrict the number of free licenses you can get per computer. Until then, enjoy the software!

DotPurple Basic

Great for personal use

License Details

  • Free
  • Lifetime license -- DotPurple Basic features are always free!
  • Unlimited seats for free features
  • Features

  • Allows 2 projects in the project management screen.
  • Allows 3 tabs for managing various aspects of projects.
    One “project” can have subprojects. You can have two “solutions” (with subprojects), two “projects” (just a single project), or some mix thereof. A solution might have multiple subprojects.

    DotPurple Pro

    Great for individuals

    $12 (3 seats)
    $4 per additional seat

    License Details

  • One seat = install the software for one user on one device/operating system
  • Lifetime license that lasts for the lifetime of the software
  • Features

  • Unlimited projects in the project management screen.
  • Unlimited tabs for projects or solutions.
  • Create macOS .app files from an application (works great for Avalonia or other cross-platform frameworks), even if you’re on Windows.
  • Install .NET tools to custom locations on your hard drive
  • Download .NET template packs in one click from a Git clone URL.
  • Install, update, and remove your NuGet package references for your projects
  • Search for new NuGet packages to add to your projects
  • Search for .NET CLI tools to add to your projects
  • Import and export your project profiles (saved settings)

    DotPurple Pro Teams

    Great for teams or small businesses

    $50 (25 seats)
    $2 per additional seat

    License Details

  • One seat = install the software for one user on one device/operating system
  • License valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Everyone on your team shares the same license key
  • Features

  • Includes all paid features from DotPurple Pro


    Do you offer special pricing for educational institutions/students, non-profit institutions, and open source developers?

    Sure! Please email us ( from your business/educational/student email and let us know you'd like to purchase the software, and we'll be in touch. If you're an open source developer, email us with details about your project from an email that has recently commited to the repo along with your username on that repo.

    Why charge for the software?

    Most of DotPurple's features are free to use! We ask our users to help us by purchasing a license so that we can continue to develop new features for the application as well as keep its compatibility with future versions of .NET.

    How do I purchase more seats at the same time as buying my license?

    After you have clicked "Buy Now", the reseller popup will be shown to ask for your email address, then your payment information. After providing your email address, click on the cart icon in the top-left, then click the "Add" button on the "Extra Seats" line item. After that, you can choose how many extra seats you want to purchase. If you want to cancel adding more seats, click the "X" button to the left of the "Extra Seats" line item (it's to the left of the DotPurple logo).

    How can I buy more seats **after** purchasing a license?

    If you have a DotPurple Pro license, we'll soon be adding features to this website to manage your license so you can purchase more seats. If you have a DotPurple Pro Teams license, please contact us.

    How do I enter my license?

    Once you've purchased a license, you'll be emailed a license code that you'll need to enter in the software. To add your license key in the software, click "Register Software" in the menu on Windows, or click the "Register Software" button on the main page of the main menu on macOS or Linux. From there, you can enter your license key and authenticate your license with the server.

    Is my license tied to my computer somehow?

    Yes. We don't track individual machines based on hardware. Instead, we generate a unique identifier for you and your current desktop computer username when you first run the software. Your license is tied to this unique identifier, so if you change computers or usernames or operating systems, you'll have to activate your license again.

    How many times can I use/activate my license?

    For DotPurple Pro, you can use your license key to activate the software up to three (3) times (three different computers/users). Yes, this means you are welcome to share your license key with a friend, but be careful! Once you've used up your three licenses, you'll have to buy another license to use paid features on another machine!

    For DotPurple Pro Teams, you can use your license key up to the number of seats that you purchased when you bought the license. Your license key expires one year from the date of purchase.

    Do I need an internet connection to activate my license key?

    Yes, the desktop app has to contact our server to authenticate your license key and download your license info. Once you've activated a license, though, an internet connection is no longer required.

    What happens when my DotPurple Pro Teams license expires?

    Your software will revert your feature set to the ones available in DotPurple Basic. You'll still be able to view your license data from inside the software. At this point, to regain access to DotPurple Pro Teams features, you'll have to come back here to purchase another license key.

    What will a purchase show up as on my debit/credit card statement?

    It'll probably start with the letters "FSPRG" along with some other characters, and the charge amount should match the invoice that was emailed to you.

    Where can I get some other help for my purchase?

    Please contact us with your order reference and other info if your questions are not answered on our reseller's website, which you can get to by clicking here.

    How can I get a refund?

    Please contact us with your order reference and other info. If you're having trouble running the software, please let us help you! Refunds the first seven (7) days after purchase are offered without questions; after that, a refund may or may not be available.

    Is there any way to get a free DotPurple Pro license?

    No, not at this time. Sorry!