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DotPurple featured on the .NET Core Podcast

Friday, September 10, 2021 at 01:09 PM

Recently, we were given the opportunity to be a special guest on the .NET Core Podcast, which focuses on .NET technologies, people who use them, and things you can do with all things .NET. There's a whole lot of info about the podcast on their own website, so please read it there. In any case, it was a huge pleasure to be a guest and talk about a whole variety of topics (not just DotPurple), so please give this episode -- along with the rest of the podcast -- your listen and support!

There is a YouTube player at the bottom of this post so you can listen to the podcast here.

Thanks again, Jamie, for letting us be on the show! It was lots of fun.

Please visit these links for their podcast and support them (and listen to more of their episodes!):

Please note that the podcast is a production of RJJ Software and we did not create this podcast episode ourselves. All credit goes to the team over there! All we really did was come on the show and talk. :)